Fundación Alfredo HArp Helú

Working for people and for the transformation of the Mexican society is a privilege, but a responsibility as well, that requires the organization, planning, and joint effort of a great group of people. For this reason, the philanthropic work of Alfredo Harp Helú is coordinated in three related Foundations. Three foundations that share the same capital, the same mission and vision, and that are governed by the same essential principles.

The three HARP Foundations
President Emeritus for Life: Alfredo Harp Helú


Make creative use of the resources of the foundation to help people to achieve their potential in all different areas, and offer the stimuli required so that popular artists, producers, and entrepreneurs become a change driver in their communities, improving their standard of living and helping to disseminate the highest cultural values of our country.


We are encouraged by the vision of a more prosperous and fair Mexico, achieved by working in sustainable projects that bloom in the form of benefits for the future generations.


People are always an end, not a means in all our activities.

The best achievements are attained through the selfless collaboration of the society, private institutions and governments, without any ideological trends or mottos of political parties.

Only through peace can positive changes be obtained for the society.

The effectiveness of each of our actions must be measured objectively by concrete results that have an effective impact on the quality of life of people.