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Educating to provide equality of opportunity and facilitate the development of everyone who wants to improve themselves and their life circumstances.

Fundación UNAM, A.C.

Since the school year 1998-1999 to current times, the scholarship program at bachelor’s degree level has been maintained uninterrupted. Likewise, aimed at increasing and extending the support to low income students with high academic performance, the scholarship program for international mobility was included in 2010, as well as food scholarships in the School of Chemistry, attaining greater outreach in the college community.

In addition to the resources allocated to education in 2010, resources were invested in employment, in productive environmental projects, and in other FUNAM high priority projects.

The infrastructure of the Centro de Alta Tecnología de Educación a Distancia (CATED) promotes research, innovation, and development of the educational models and systems supported in domestic and international Information and Communication Technologies, offering a distance learning venue in the region of Tlaxcala.

The high technology room IXTLI, designed to view and simulate complex objects and 3D images, with state-of-the-art virtual reality techniques, is available to academics and researchers of all the areas of human knowledge.

The creation of the National Digital Periodical Library makes it possible to convert the microfilmed files into digital images and to protect this invaluable wealth, so that academics, researchers and the general public can access the historical, cultural, social, and political information of Mexico since the end of the XVIII century to our days.

The Installation of the Security System and of the High Technology Voice and Data System contribute to make the University Contemporary Art Museum (opened on November 28, 2008) a space that safeguards and disseminates the art and visual culture expressions in our country.

The International Orchestra Conduction Award Eduardo Mata, the activities performed by the Theater and Dance Direction, TV UNAM Arts & Trades or buinsesses in Mexico, and the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, are some other cultural projects supported.

The University Sports Program, through the participation in the National Olympics and Universiada, contributes to the comprehensive formation of students, both in the professional and in the sports fields.

The main objective of the University Seminar on Social Issues is to promote the approach and collaboration among specialists so that they may exchange ideas and work about the significant topics of equity and social values in Mexico and the world.

The resources granted during 2010, besides supporting education, culture and sports, have helped to further the economic growth in Mexico and to foster short-tem job creation, as well as to take immediate actions in favor of environmental enhancement.

Fundación Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México (UNAM)  A.C.





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Centro de Alta Tecnología de Educación a Distancia

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National Periodical Library

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Construction of the UNAM Museum of Contemporary Museum

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Science Museum UNIVERSUM

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Cultural dissemination projects

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