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Educating to provide equality of opportunity and facilitate the development of everyone who wants to improve themselves and their life circumstances.

Universidad Iberoamericana (FICSAC - Comunidad Universitaria) Del Golfo Centro, A.C.

The scholarships granted have allowed students with excellent academic performance who often dropped out from school, to continue with their studies.
The actions carried out for the development of the Social Impact Technology Project include opening a Community Computer Center and equipping 6 elementary schools and 3 junior high schools. This project promotes equal opportunities for technology learning and the educational Benefit of teachers, children, and youngsters of the most helpless people of Santa Fe.

Under the program of library editions in facsimile, the library of the University enables thousands of people not only to learn about the historic document, but also to set that particular time into context and obtain narrations, comments, and analyses of experts.

The Specialty in Addiction Prevention prepares professionals with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the detection, prevention and management of the problems caused by consumption of addictive substances, mainly among teenagers.





Scholarships, Mexico City and Puebla

Bachelor’s level students



Specialty in Addiction Prevention


Community Computer Center

People served on a daily basis