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Conserving and disseminating the extensive artistic, cultural historic heritage of which this country is justly proud.

San Pablo

It is the home of Alfredo Harp Helú Foundation Oaxaca [FAHHO] and has the mission to spread the work of the FAHHO, same as in 1994, has invested human and financial resources to contribute to building a more humane world.

• 54.5 million pesos were invested by the FAHHO for the acquisition of the 7 properties that conform San Pablo.

• 132 million pesos were assigned to the rescue and suitability of such properties.

• More than 400 direct jobs and over 1400 indirect jobs were generated for 7 years, the time it took the rescue and restoration of San Pablo.

• 186 million pesos, was the total investment from FAHHO to convert San Pablo in what today is: a space for culture and the arts.

From November 26, 2011, San Pablo opened its doors, with a range of free cultural and academic offer, and is now a space dedicated to arts and culture from an multicultural perspective, is a space dedicated to the people.