Fundación Alfredo HArp Helú

The motto "our commitment is with Mexico" is what moves Alfredo Harp Helú to engage in some of the most extensive and acknowledged philanthropic work in our country.

Since the beginning of the 90's, Alfredo Harp has fostered a philanthropic model that not only reacts to the requests for assistance, but that carries out proactive actions with a significant and measurable impact on society, and with long-term orientation as well.

According to Alfredo Harp, actions for the benefit of people are "seeds" that sprout now and that will start growing for the well-being of future generations. His different programs that cover education, culture, and sports have been grouped since 2000 into three foundations, being their common denominator the love for Mexico and for its people.

Alfredo Harp is in love with Oaxaca, a place he is affectionately linked to and where he currently lives. A significant part of his philanthropic effort is directed to this state of the Mexican Republic, well-known for its beauty and cultural wealth on the one hand, but also for its huge social deprivation that generosity helps to alleviate on the other. Alfredo Harp is also known for his passion for baseball, expressed in his co-ownership of the most famous team of the Mexican baseball league: Diablos Rojos del México. The most exciting moments of his life and of his successful professional career can be discovered and have been perpetuated in his autobiography Vivir y morir jugando beisbol.

The spirit of generosity that drives the philanthropic work of Alfredo Harp Helú can be summarized in the following words:

My interest it to engage my heart in each project, to enjoy it and work daily to serve the society. I can see how this effort is multiplied thanks to the work of others motivated by the same objective, and through this team we create synergies that are imprinted in the memory and in the daily life of our community.

Accordingly, the work of Alfredo Harp Helú is never intermittent; rather, it represents his full commitment, his commitment with Mexico.